A Girls Getaway at the Grandover

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My sweet sister and I have said for years that we wanted to do a sisters weekend/girls getaway. And well, with kids and crazy schedules, it's ended up being just a thought and never an action. Until now. 

We said we were actually going to do it this year! So this past Saturday, we met up at the Grandover Resort in Greensboro, NC which just happens to be a nice halfway point from where I live in Raleigh and where she lives outside of Charlotte. For nearly 24 hours, we were in a little slice of heaven!

The rain held off just enough for us to soak up some rays at the hotel pool. It wasn't too hot, and it wasn't too cool. It was juuuuussstttt right for an afternoon siesta, if you're in to that kind of thing. When the rain came, we scurried up to our room and she helped me with a quick sewing project on her new sewing machine. {We have turned into our mother!!!}

We freshened up for dinner at 7 in the hotel restaurant which was ah-mazing! We split a bottle of Malbec and enjoyed a delicious dinner while the food was still hot and no tiny toddlers or kids were running around asking for everything under the sun.

We talked. A lot! We laughed until we cried and when things got real, we laughed to keep from crying.

From the comfort of our room, she taught me all about Common Core math, which I probably could have benefited from years ago! We also tried to teach ourselves how to Floss {the dance, not our teeth} and it was embarrassingly hilarious! All the cool kids are doing it, you guys! 


On Sunday morning we slept in until nearly 9 AM which was heavenly! Then we hit the spa after breakfast where she had a Swedish massage and I had the most amazing facial! Four days later and my skin is still feeling smoother than a baby's bottom.

{Spa Hair. Don't Care.}

We walked away saying that this would be an annual tradition! Regardless of how busy our schedules can be, we'll always make time for this. It was so good for our souls! 

xoxo - Courtney

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