Bless Them IN The Mess

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The party was going great, until...

the dog licked the cake! 

Literally, licked the cake.

Ok, let me rewind a few steps to set the stage. 

My seven year old informed me last week that I was going to throw him an end-of-year surprise party. Wait, what?!? Isn't the whole point of a surprise party to be surprised! As in not plan it yourself? I brushed it off thinking it was just a fleeting thought and I'd be off the hook but he kept dropping not-so-subtle hints and I realized he was serious about this. 

His invite list only included the neighbor boy and his parents, his cake requirements were that it be chocolate, with a motorcycle, and the party was to start at 5 PM. I found myself taking party planning orders from a miniature dictator and it was hilarious and maddening at the same time! 

I came up with a thousand reasons why I couldn't pull this off.

1) My house was a wreck.
2) It was father's day weekend!
3) My house was a wreck.
4) We had company in town.
5) What if the neighbor boy couldn't come?
6) My house was a total wreck.
7) I don't have time for this!
998) Who else would we invite?
999) Who throws their own surprise party?

I'm sure you see the underlying theme here... My house is never in a state to host people. Like ever. And on the rare occasion we do entertain friends, the first words out of my mouth when I greet them at the door is "Sorry the house is such a wreck! This house is well lived in!" What you don't know is I've spent hours picking up the place so you won't think we are total slobs! 

But here's the point... If I waited until my house was in pristine condition to host friends, it would NEVER HAPPEN! 

So while running around like a crazy person on Saturday gathering party supplies and balloons (wait, scratch the balloons! That helium shortage s a legit thing!) I found myself saying...

"Bless them in the mess!" 

Instead of my typical glass half empty "bless this mess" mentality, I shifted to a glass half full "bless them IN the mess" motto. 

And you know what? We had a good time! It was actually just what we needed.

It might have been a fly-by-the-seat of my pants kind of party but in Davis' eyes, it was a surprise party with hamburgers on the grill, cake, ice cream, soccer in the backyard, a few legit surprise guests and a few thrown together decorations. 

Nellie did lick an entire side of the cake.
I made Davis thank his guests for coming to his party.
And when he was first in line for a piece of cake, I informed him that as the party host, we serve our guests first and ourselves last! {I thought he was going to legit cry but hey, life lessons!} 

So in short, I'm simply popping in to your inbox today to tell you to Bless them IN the mess. Don't wait for the perfect opportunity to bless those around you. Otherwise, life will slip right by and we'll all look back and wish we had thrown that random self-planned surprise party when our kids asked us to. Who knows, we might have just started a new summer tradition! 

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