Cheers to 36 Years!

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On this 4th day of June, I have so much to be thankful for! So here's a list of 36 things I give thanks for on this day, my 36th birthday! 

  • My Faith
  • My Family
  • My Health
  • My two precious boys, Davis & Anderson.
  • My loving husband who is so, so good to me!
  • My dear, sweet friends who love me well!
  • Every provision which comes from above!
  • Hydrangeas that bloom in June.
  • My precious Bible Study girls!
  • The roof over our heads.
  • The clothes on our backs.
  • The food on our table.
  • A job I love and the people I’m privileged to work for!
  • The ability to work part-time so I can be more available for my family!
  • My North Carolina roots.
  • Coffee + homemade coffee creamer which are little sips of sanity!
  • The gift to create & craft.
  • The Painted Pearl
  • My paternal grandparents, GranJane & Hubby, who are active & healthy well into their 80’s.
  • My maternal grandmother, who I am so much alike!
  • My upbringing & my education!
  • Sunday afternoon naps.
  • Afternoon thunderstorms.
  • My childhood best friend and fellow #mompreneur: Heather Prince.
  • My Friday’s off.
  • Our church family and our village: Those that love us, and our boys, as their own.
  • Our friends, Kathryn & Dave Wright, who introduced Phillip and I 13 years ago!
  • My travels all over the world.
  • Our neighborhood, especially the neighbors on our street!
  • My soulmate and sister, Allison, who is truly my better half!
  • My parents, who gave us all that we ever needed and loved us well!
  • My love of paper and all things stationary!
  • Fresh cut flowers.
  • My friend, Leigh, who is teaching me how to live a healthier life!
  • Trying new recipes.
  • Evening swims at the pool.

xoxo - Courtney

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  • Happy 36th, dear sweet Courtney!! I am thankful for you!

    Beverly L Edwards on

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