December Favorites: Courtney's Current Crush List

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Happy {almost} New Year! 

By now you've likely wrapped up the Christmas morning magic and hopefully, this finds you still basking in the glow of your Christmas tree lights enjoying the calm after the storm! 

While I'm probably going a little stir crazy from being home this past week, I'm also trying to savor this season where we have nothing on the calendar. Our days this week have been a little laid back and just what I needed after an amazing and successful end to the year. 

So on this Saturday morning, pour yourself another cup of coffee and curl up for my final 2019 edition of Courtney's Current Crush List!

#1 U Brands Felt Tip Pens

If you've read my other crush list posts, then it's no surprise that I love a good pen. Like hunt you down and full on tackle you if you walk away with my good pens. A couple of weeks ago at The Locality's holiday party and white elephant gift exchange, I scored a lovely rose gold and white daily agenda and a set of 3 U Brands Vena Catalina Felt Tip Pens. {Sounds fancy, right?!?} If you follow me on Instagram and saw my stories where I hand-lettered an envelope, some of you asked about the pens and these are THE ones! Hand-lettered or not, they wrote smoothly, dried instantly and glided across the paper! The above link is for the U Brands site specifically, but you can find these at your major big box office supply stores. Word on the street is mine came from Anthropology so look for them anywhere that sells fun and trendy stationary!

#2 Grocery List Pad by Office Depot

Years ago while my mom was visiting and tagging along to the grocery store, she asked if it was my first time at that particular location. Ummmm, no Mom - that was my neighborhood Kroger that I shopped ALL the time! She said she couldn't tell because I was all over the place zig-zagging across the store like I didn't know where to find things. Turns out, I was just a disorganized list maker. Enter this super cute and super affordable grocery list pad in pink by Office Depot. Y'all, it's less than $2 and a game changer. Pro tip: slap a magnetic strip on the back and keep this sucker up on the fridge for easy add-ons before you hit the isles. Now I manage to get ALL of my produce while in that section instead of running all the way back over there for the one lime I forgot to get. 

#3 The Songbird Slip-ons in Blush by Birdies

I've yet to review my Birdies purchase from a few weeks ago but by the sheer amount of times I've worn them and the compliments I've received, they were a good investment. Now, I know I didn't go with the most practical pair, but I love a good mule and blush has been my signature color for all of 2019. The comfort level of these slip-on shoes is a total 100! The quilted satin insole truly feels like slipping into slippers yet pretty enough to be worn outside of the house. The pom poms on top make these shoes super fun and sassy. I managed to score mine at 20% off so watch for their sales to make it worth the splurge. Pro tip: they are not meant to be worn in the rain!

#4 A denim jacket - any denim jacket will do!

A classic capsule piece, the denim jacket is a must have. It can help you transition certain wardrobe pieces from fall to winter and winter to spring. I picked one up on sale at Target but they are literally everywhere in stores right now. Find one that fits you comfortably and in the wash you prefer. Pair it with a short sleeved dress or toss it on with a t-shirt and slacks. It's the all-American look that never goes out of style. 


Share with me what you're currently crushing on! I'd love to give it a try and who knows, it might appear in a 2020 edition of Courtney's Current Crush List!

{ This post does not contain any affiliate links. These reviews are of my own opinion of things I've personally bought and liked.}

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