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Enhancing Envelopes: How To Line Your Own

I have always loved to flip through home magazines. Even as a young teenager, I was a Martha Stewart Living fan and loved looking through the Veranda magazine at my maternal grandmother's house. The spreads were stunning and I hated to toss them when I was done, so I found a way to repurpose the pages that I liked the most.

I would take some of the more artistic pages and make envelopes out of them to pass notes too and from friends at school. Apparently I was "extra" even way back then! 

Now that some of those magazines are popping back up in my mailbox, I thought I'd bring back this timeless and simple craft of creating envelope liners from these gorgeous glossy pages. Because who doesn't love to open up some fun snail mail only to find a bright and beautiful surprise awaiting them.

What you'll need are artistic magazine pages that fit your fancy, envelopes in the size you want to line, card stock to make your template, scissors and a glue stick.

Some of my favorite magazines to use are Martha Stewart Living, Southern Living, Better Homes & Gardens, Veranda and Coastal Living. Raleigh even has a fair amount of beautiful, and free, magazines like Midtown, Triangle Home Design & Decor and Raleigh Magazine. 


I like to keep a box of these invitation envelopes on hand. It never fails that I'll mess up one or two envelopes in a notecard set so having these on hand means I'm never without. 

I use a piece of card stock to make my template. You want your template to be smaller than your envelope so that it easily slides in and there is room left at the top for sealing. To make your template, simply place the envelope right off the side edge and bottom edge of your card stock and trace the envelope. Once you cut it out, hold it up to your envelope and if you can see slivers of white along each side and enough white at the top so as not to cover the seal, you are all set. 

Use your new template on the artistic magazine pages you've torn out. Keep in mind that the only part that will show is at the opening of the envelope. If there are words at the bottom, it is just fine as they will be well hidden tucked inside your envelope.


Cut along the traced lines of your template and slide it into your envelope. Fold down the flap to create the crease on your magazine liner then use your glue stick to apply just enough glue to the inside of your envelope flap. You only need to worry about gluing down the top part of your liner as the rest will be neatly tucked inside. 


Press and seal the top of the magazine liner then fold the flap one more time to set the crease. 

Voila! You have a unique and beautiful lined envelope for your snail mail! 

The possibilities are endless! Imagine using gold foil wrapping paper for an elegant look or birthday wrapping paper for sending extra birthday wishes. 

Now go enjoy enhancing your envelopes with this easy and inexpensive craft!

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  • I haven’t thought about this since I was in high school. Thanks for the refresher and inspiration!

    • Beverly