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Let's get personal! Ok, not that kind of personal but seriously let's take a minute to get to know one another. They do this thing called "Friday Introductions" over on Instagram but why limit it to just those followers? So, in an effort to get to know each other a bit better, here are some fun facts about little ole me - the woman behind The Painted Pearl! And I hope in the comments below you'll leave a little nugget of truth about yourself so I can learn more about you! 
The fast facts: I'm a thirty-something mom to two wild and crazy boys and the wife to this saint of man who loves us well. I work part-time at a small private financial firm in addition to owning The Painted Pearl. 
We call North Carolina home and other than a brief detour to New Jersey when I was a wee babe, I've lived in the tar heel state my entire life. 
My house is always a hot mess! If you know me at all, then you know that statement is also an understatement. Am I right?!? I step on too many lego pieces and matchbox cars than I care to count on a daily basis. My two year old leaves a trail of food all over the house so he's never without a snack in sight and when I'm in the throws of jewelry making or watercolor painting, the entire dining room looks like a Michaels craft store exploded in there. Every day my goal is to mop my kitchen floor and every day I fall short of this goal. I seriously want a dog so that it can help me keep the kitchen floor clear of ALL the crumbs and spills. Is that too much to ask?
I make jewelry but most days, I forget to put a stitch of it on! Including the really sentimental things like my wedding rings!!! I blame the fact that my hands feel like sandpaper these days. Any good hand lotion recommendations? Asking for a friend!
In addition to jewelry making and painting, I also love to knit and crochet. Especially in the winter months! On a cold winter night I love to curl up with a cozy yarn and knit a scarf! {Look for my line, The Painted Purl, of hand knit scarves with designer yarns coming this fall!}
I have a sweet tooth the size of Texas but I'm working on that!! 
I'm a gemini and I have always loved having a June birthday!
I love cars! Not the thousands of matchbox cars I step on in my house but the real, legit cars on the road. In high school, I had a subscription to car and driver magazine and I loved it. I know nothing about what's under the hood but I'm pretty sharp when it comes to makes and models. 
Finally - I love writing! Which is why I keep this blog aspect of my website! It's another creative outlet for me and whether it's just one or none of you who read it, that's ok! It's not about the number of comments that are left or followers I have. It's about putting pen to paper, or fingers to keys and just... writing!
xoxo - Courtney 

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  • Love this, Courtney! You could also add that you are a Norwex consultant, but there are only so many passions that can be included in one blog post, right?!? As for me, I’m 1 of 7 siblings who loves being an aunt to all my nieces and nephews, I’m a big fan of tech, cars, sports and music, I’m active in working to end the leading cancer-killer of American women and men, which is lung cancer, and I serve as a #GirlBoss in Organize for Success, LLC as a Productivity Consultant, Author and Speaker. Thanks for sharing a little about the woman behind The Painted Pearl!

    Emily Parks on

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