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Let's be honest... A Shopping Spree isn't for the faint of heart! It's weeks and months in the making of designing, creating, pricing and packaging followed by hours of loading in and setting up before the masses arrive for a 3.5 day shopping spree. Whew - I'm tired just reading that run on sentence! It's a long few days on those concrete floors with your best foot forward when you are sleep deprived and on the legit struggle bus.

But it's also a ton of fun running your own little "boutique" even if it is just for a few days! Meredith of SoCharm Designs and I worked hard to make our booth look like a store that was inviting, cozy, and adorned with all of the jewelry and gift items we created by hand. That's right - by our own two hands!!


Highlight #1 - Seeing each and every one of you who shopped our booth! Every single person that stepped in our booth made the months of blood, sweat and tears worth it. And every sale made our hearts do a happy dance! No purchase was too big nor too small to warm our hearts! To those that made it out to see us... THANK YOU! Your encouragement and support of all things small business and local melted our hearts!


Highlight #2 - The Painted Pearl best seller this year was by far the cute little Holy Angel Oyster Ornaments! I couldn't make them fast enough before selling them right off of my tree! I ended the event selling more than 130 of these precious angels and orders in my books still to fulfill. 


Highlight #3 - Getting to walk around and check out the wares of other vendors! It was Sunday, the final day, before I was able to really scope out the other booths and I managed to start my Christmas shopping for some of the loves in my life. But no SPREE is complete without a little "treat yo' self" retail therapy so I'm highlight some of my favorite personal purchases below! Consider checking out these fellow boss babes and small business owners! You won't be disappointed! 

Treat Yo' Self Spree #1 - B. Invited out of Chapel Hill, NC
I adore all things paper and stationary and I was so pleased with my purchases from Suki's booth, B. Invited, last year that I could not wait to see her again this year and shop her beautiful paper products. Ginger jar and Christmas topiary notepads, black & white knotted enclosure cards ... I just can't say enough about how much I love the quality of her products. Check out her site here and sign up for her e-mail lists so you can be notified of her Open House events!


Treat Yo' Self Spree #2 - Feel Good Frames from right here in Raleigh!
I was first introduced to Feel Good Frames many moons ago when I worked for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I've always admired the unique style of their hand-painted and uniquely personalized frames. Jenna Cobb took over the business a while back and she is as adorable as her frames and ornaments! We've chatted over Instagram messages leading up to SPREE but finally met in person during the event and I seriously adore her!! She worked up this sweet frame that Phillip will be giving me for Christmas! Sign up for Jenna's newsletters so you can be in the know about all the ways Feel Good Frames can meet your gift giving needs. 


Treat Yo' Self Spree #3 - Prissy Pots out of Wilmington, NC
I've admired Erin Solomon's work for a few years now when she used to live in Raleigh. She makes, paints and personalizes cute ornaments, among other things. She's since relocated to Wilmington but has had a booth at SPREE for the past 5 years and she is always a hit! My dear friend, Kathryn, gifted my two boys with their own Prissy Pots ornaments a few years ago! She's redesigned her sweet nativity scene which is kid friendly, super cute and at an affordable new price of only $55. I cannot wait for December 1st to roll around so I can put this in our guest bath! Follow her on Facebook for her latest and greatest!


Treat Yo' Self Spree #4 - Fruit-Full Kids from Charlotte, NC
My friends, Whitney and Janna, came across the Fruit-Full Kids booth and after seeing what they purchased, I simply had to run over and stock up on these sweet plates for my boys! Seriously, go check out their website and read Laurie's endearing story about how she started this business. Made from 100% non-toxic BPA-free melamine, they are sturdy enough for everyday use and are dishwasher safe. {Not intended to be used in the microwave.} What I love even more is that they display a prominent verse or a fruit of the spirit {Galations 5:22-23} which is a great way to talk with the boys about their Christian character in the everyday and encourage them to lead faith-filled lives. PS - the self-control plate was totally for me because this mama needs to practice allllll the self-control when it comes to sweets.

Treat Yo' Self #5 Becca Art by the talented Becca Speight of North Carolina.
Her work is stunning! I've looked at it for years and love the pops of color and texture in every one of her works of art. Phillip actually spotted her booth because he loves art! When he said he wanted me to look at a painting he liked, I was secretly hoping he was taking me over to Becca's booth. In addition to a larger framed original of hers, we picked up these two smaller canvases for our guest bath and I simply adore them! I'm so tickled to have her work displayed in our home!


In closure, that may be a wrap on SPREE 2018 but there is still more in store with The Painted Pearl! Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay in the know on our upcoming events, sales and new product announcements in the weeks ahead! 

xoxo~ Courtney







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