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Courtney's Homemade Coffee Creamer

Last week I posted the below picture on my Instagram account with the mention of my homemade coffee creamer and the recipe requests started rolling in. 

I savor my morning sips of sanity!! I've been watching what I eat and eliminating carbs and sugars since the first of the year so to say my coffee is my daily treat is an understatement.

Last year I started making my own coffee creamer in an effort to get away from the chemical-filled, sugar-free creamers Phillip and I had been using. It took some adjusting because if I'm being honest, I like a little coffee with my creamer! But I've learned that I can do with less of the sweetness and focus on the creaminess to cut the bitterness. {Try saying that five times fast!}

This recipe was adapted from the Deliciously Organic website. I highly recommend looking around her website for delicious, clean recipes, including several variations of her own homemade coffee creamers. 

My recipe below will make enough for Phillip and I to use for about 7 days. I typically double the recipe so we can go 2+ weeks before needing to make another batch. I store ours in recycled glass maple syrup bottles that have an easy pour cap. A glass salad dressing bottle would also work! 



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