July Favorites: Courtney's Current Crush List

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Oh, July! You've been hot, sticky and humid! 

We're in the thick of summer in the South, where my bedroom ceiling fan runs 24/7 and I have to turn the lights off in the bathroom while getting ready so my make-up doesn't melt off of my face. Can anyone else relate?!? 

I digress....

Anywho, here's a list of some of my current faves for July's edition of Courtney's Current Crush List!

1) Write The Word Journals from Cultivate What Matters

A couple of months ago, I found myself in a place where I had a lot to look forward to but was lacking the joy-factor. And if I'm being totally honest, I was drifting a little in my faith journey. It happens. We're human, right? So I decided to try one of Lara Casey's Write The Word Journals, specifically for Cultivating Joy. Every few days I'll crack the spine and dive in. What I love about it is she gives you one specific verse to look up and write within the pages of the journal for that day. She also has space for you to write one thing you're grateful for that day. Next, she gives you space to think out loud and write your own thoughts and musings, ending with a place to write one word that sums up your feelings for that day. It doesn't always have to be roses and unicorns but it does help you change your perspective and seek joy in the everyday! Check out her other Write The Word journals here, including a new kids version! 



2) Summer Bucket Lists, also from Cultivate What Matters

I swear I'm not a sponsor for Cultivate What Matters but I should be! :) I love the intentionality behind their products! 

I'm not one for bucket lists but I bought their Summer Wildcard Page Pack {now sold out, sorry guys!} back in June and while I won't be using all of the pages, there are some that I've had fun with this summer. My favorites include the Summer Reading List, Summer Memories Made, Summer Bucket List (pre-filled with ideas) and the Back To School Checklist! 

3) Gabi's Grounds 

I'm no coffee snob because let's be honest - Phillip and I drink day old coffee every other day. Call us thrifty, lazy, resourceful, whatever... it's just how we roll! No shame in our day old coffee game! We're also not picky about our beans. Name brand or store brand, local or imported. If it's caffeinated, it's good. 

I've been following a local coffee company called Gabi's Grounds for a few months now. Meet Gabi...


She, and her mom, Mary Angelini, are devoted to their mission which is this: being an advocate for the value, inclusion, and acceptance of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Gabi’s Grounds is dedicated to making the world a better place for children and others living with IDD.

I recently popped over to the Quail Corners outdoor pop-up specifically to meet Gabi, support her mission and of course, buy her coffee. Her iced vanilla latte was perfection on that hot July Saturday! She's partnered up with local coffee company Larry's Coffee for this special blend of beans. Local to the Triangle? Look for Gabi's Grounds at these local grocery stores. Her blend also comes in K-cups! 



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