My Not So Pretty Parenting Moment...

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...and other fun tales from our weekend!

Y'all, this past weekend was nuts. We just had way too much going on and I needed to call a time out on life but instead, we powered through because that's what we do.

1) My father in law was in town. Which is totally fine! He's great with the kids and really gets down on their level and plays with them. He came to see Davis in action for flag football and we truly enjoyed his 3-night visit. However, having an extra person in the house just naturally added a little extra chaos, which is to be expected. It's another person to usher out the door for church, an extra plate at the dinner table, more dishes in the dishwasher, etc. I had four Frye Guys under one roof for three nights. Enough said. 

2) Davis had a birthday party to attend and this is where things got down right ugly...for me. He's befriended the neighbor across the street and as a result was invited to Holden's party at SkyZone, a trampoline park. The child in me has always wanted to go to one of those places so I totally asked Holden's mom if parents could jump and she said yes! So we high-tailed it from the football field to the other side of town to Skyzone. I thought I was cute in my Lilly P workout clothes and rolled right up in there determined to be the fun mom who was playing with her child rather than sitting on the sidelines passing the time. Lesson numero uno was that no woman, who has ever birthed a baby, let alone two, should ever jump on a trampoline. Like, never ever. One jump in and I was quickly rethinking my party parent strategy after nearly peeing my pants! {SMH}

Lesson numero dos was that the foam pit is easier said then done. Davis and I gave it a whirl and while he bounced right in and right back out, I got myself in there but I could.not.get.myself.OUT! This rising 5th grade girl {I kid you not} grabbed my arms and literally pulled me out of the foam pit. It was not my prettiest parenting moment and it threw my back out during the whole process so it's been a super comfy reminder of my party faux pas for the past three days. Meanwhile, this lovey-dovey couple stood over in the corner snickering and I'm certain it was at me. But I didn't care. 1) Because they were laughing with me, not at me. But let's be real, I was laughing to keep from crying my back was killing me so! And 2) because Davis thought I was super cool for playing with him...and that, my friends, is worth way more than any amount of pain or embarrassment! I was in the moment and involved and I know that I only have a few more years of that before he's really embarrassed and doesn't even want us around. So I'll take one for the team and be *that* mom any day! 

3) My almost 2.5 year old is fearless at the pool. To a fault. It took Davis years to warm up to the pool but Anderson would live in it if we let him. And thank the good Lord for whoever invented Puddle Jumpers. Sunday evening I spent more time out of the pool chasing Anderson off of the diving boards and out of the deep end because he's too little. I also chased him away from the water slide and rip-roaring current because again, he's too little. But don't tell him that because he clearly thinks he can do anything and everything his big brother does. 

Life gets crazy. And chaotic. And down right embarrassing at times. This week and weekend are shaping up to be just as busy! But we'll enjoy this fast and furious ride because reprieve and vacation are around the corner...


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  • Loved reading about the trampoline and the foam pit!! Wish I’d been thete!

    Neena on

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