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My struggle with food is no secret. And lately I've felt led to share this struggle more and more because I know I'm not alone in it. As we approach the holidays, the reality is that food and body image is on a lot of our minds. The tables are surrounded with temptations and with the end of the year in sight, our minds wander to the goals we set but never accomplished these past 10 months. 

If you're a regular on the blog, you may recall my post earlier this year, which you can re-read here. The truth is that every year I tell myself that I want to get physically in shape, walk more, lose a few pounds {and by a few I mean 20} and just be able to look back at the end of the year and see progress. Real progress. Well, the past couple of years have come and gone and I feel stuck in the same place, if not higher on the scale, which only brings about a feeling of defeat. And defeat is a hard place to crawl out of.

My friend, Alicia, gifted me the Made to Crave devotional book several months ago and it is a page-turner. Mostly because I feel like Lysa TerKeurst is a fly on my kitchen wall speaking directly to me! I've found myself in my prayer closet in recent days literally pleading with God to help me ward off the temptation of food, specifically sweets. And there have been clear moments when I know He's actively working in me and removing said temptations, or re-directing my thoughts when they wander towards the pantry.

I can excuse my candy binges until the cows come home because lets face it, life with a 2.5 year old who's in the midst of potty training is H-A-R-D. After cleaning up dozens of  Matchbox cars or dumped out cereal boxes from the couch cushions {on a daily basis!} you better believe I wave my white flag in the form of binging on any junk food that happens to be in my house. Why? Because I feel like after dealing with the stress and lack of sleep in our house right now, I've earned said sweets! EARNED THEM! 

This past Sunday in our contemporary worship service, we sang the song "No Longer Slaves" and it struck a new chord with me. The lyrics say "I'm no longer a slave to fear. I am a child of God." As we were singing this, I thought to myself "Why does it have to be fear? What if I'm a slave to food?" And that right there was a tiny turning point for me. I am a literal slave to food. I turn to it to fill a void that is never meant to be filled by food. 

Friends, I don't have the earthly answers to this epidemic. There is no quick fix and much like any addiction, breaking the cycle takes time. I didn't put this weight on overnight so I can't expect it to fall off overnight. {Although that would be amazing!!!}

But I do have the spiritual answer and it's found in Romans 12: 1-2. 

Below is a list of ways that I'm choosing to actively embrace this flaw of mine and to work towards a more positive outcome. A way for me to truly offer my body as a living sacrifice. Feel free to adopt any of these for yourself and do share with me how I can be in prayer for you! 

1. November is a time where we stop to reflect on all that we are thankful for. This November, I'm choosing to dust off my gratitude journal and devote this month's gratitudes to positive body-image self talk. At the end of my day, I'm going to write one positive thing about my physicality. For example, the other day I drank the proper daily amount of water and for me, that's worth celebrating! Yesterday, I didn't eat a single piece of my kid's Halloween candy. No victory is too small to celebrate!!

2. Prayer. I cannot face this battle alone and I know that He wants me to turn to him in my weakest moments and for me, my weakest moments revolve around food. There is real power in prayer! 

3. Made to Crave Devotional - read it. claim it. I carry this book around with me all the time! But I'm not always good about reading it. So I'm clinging to it for the rest of 2018 - and beyond!

4. Toss out the triggers! I can't toss out my toddler {even if he is the stress trigger for my over-eating} but I can toss out the tempting foods around my house. Even if it means telling my 6 year old to go hide his candy from me because he's your typical first born and will do it without taking advantage of the situation.  

5. Community over Comparison. A friend and I were recently lamenting about our same struggles and how we would benefit from each others accountability. I'm not yet sure what that looks like but I know that a tribe of encouragement is key! If you're in a similar boat and would love to be a part of this accountability tribe, send me a message {} For together, we can do ALL THINGS through Christ, who gives us the strength to face our battles... even if our battles are over bagels and baked goods.

xoxo - Courtney



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