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Posted by Courtney Frye on

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me if I was on Etsy... well, I'd have $100 bucks! 

My answer has always been, "No, I have my own website!" Isn't that better than selling on Etsy, which takes fees upon fees for every sale? But alas, here I am! 

So why Etsy and why now? Well, #Covid.

In all seriousness, with Covid sticking around, the reality of me popping up at holiday markets and shows, like A Shopping Spree by the Junior League of Raleigh, is not likely to happen (they haven't called it just yet). So, I need to explore all of my options for selling in the fourth quarter, which is when retail businesses make the majority of their money. And I'm hoping through Etsy I'll reach an audience I've not yet tapped in to. 

While I'd still prefer that you, my loyal customers, continue to shop directly from my website, I'd love your help in building my Etsy presence. I'd be forever grateful if you'd simply visit my Etsy page and like/follow me there.

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