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The new year brings about a fresh start. A clean slate. A whirlwind of ideas of what will be accomplished in the months ahead. And I'm learning that if I don't get them down on paper, they become forgotten. The year will whiz by and I'll look back over the year and wonder what, if any, progress I made on any one aspect of my life : family, home, work, life, social, business, health, etc. 

With the help of several convincing friends, I decided to take the #PowerSheets plunge and splurged on Lara Casey's Power Sheets Intentional Goal Planner for 2019. I've never done her power sheets before and while they do take a bit of leg work up front and at the beginning and end of each month, I think I'm going to love looking back on this upcoming year in December and seeing results and progress.

 But one thing I love about Lara and her mission is that perfection isn't required. Small steps in the right direction are better than no steps at all. Progress over perfection.

So what's on my list of things to accomplish in 2019???

First, getting healthy and doing something positive about my physical health. For too many years, I've made the same resolutions as many of you probably have which is to "get in shape and eat healthier." For the past two years, November and December have rolled around and I've been "stuck" in the same place, if not further down the slippery slope. So I'm committing this year to getting healthy. It's not about hitting a number on the scale or a smaller size of pants. It's about being able to get up and move around more easily. {My kids are little and play on the floor all the time. And far to often I feel like a heffalump getting up and down off of the ground.} It's about walking into my closet and not looking at my pile of nicely folded pants {thank you, Phillip} and immediately turning to leggings because those always "fit." It's about putting myself in front of the camera and not hiding behind it because my face looks too full. It's about loving myself enough to do better and be better for the important people in my life!

Secondly, doing more with less and saying no instead of yes! We have so much stuff and we pick up so much STUFF. Our schedules are constantly filled with STUFF. Enough with the stuff! Last year I read chapter 1 of Emily Ley's A Simplified Life. Chapter 1, people! She covers 10 key areas and I've only managed to read through one... my closet! So I'm going to dust it off of the book shelf and tackle more areas of my life that need less stuff and work on scheduling less stuff so I can focus on Goal #1 above.

Finally, creating a designated Painted Pearl space in our home. Six to eight months out of the year, our dining room table can't be seen! It's covered from corner to corner with beads, jewelry wire, glitter, markers, pens, receipts, shipping supplies, paint and brushes and the list goes on. I turn in to Momzilla when anyone comes over to the house because it's an all hands on deck situation to make our house look a little less like a hot mess. Our ranch house has a fourth bedroom that we've never used for anything but to store STUFF. So it's time to clean up, clean out and make it a usable, designated space. 

So, what's on your "list?" What are you wanting to do away with or incorporate more of in your 2019? I'd love to know! Whatever it is, keep this little reminder in mind from Lara Casey and the Cultivate What Matters team...

 xoxo - Courtney




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