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Jewelry Tip Tuesday: Necklace Organization

Popping in on this Tuesday with a helpful jewelry tip when it comes to organization! 

If your bathroom counter looks anything like mine {and let's pray it doesn't} then among the make-up bags and brushes, cotton ball containers and toners, there's a stash of tangled necklaces and jewelry that never see the light of day.


While cleaning our bathroom the other week, I found some necklaces I had completely forgotten about simply because they were a tangled mess buried under a bunch of stuff. As I took the time to untangle them, I thought to myself how I'd missed them and wanted to wear them more, if only I could keep them organized and tangle free... and better yet, in plain sight so I'd see them and remember to take them for a spin every now and then.

We had a unused towel rod in our bathroom and with the addition of some binder rings, my necklaces are now tangle free, easy to see and ready to wear! 

You can find binder rings at the Dollar Tree in the school supply isle. Depending on the size of the necklace beads, you can string one to two necklaces per ring then clip it for security. They glide along the rod smoother than a hanger and keeps them tangle free! 


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