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Owning your own business is hard, you guys! As a one-woman-show, you have to juggle the hats of creator, designer, social media marketer, website manager and bookkeeper… to name a few.

But this would be so much harder without the encouragement and support of fellow female entrepreneurs who know what its like to be in your trenches. So, this post is dedicated to two rock star women who I have the privilege of doing this life with. Allow me to introduce you to them...

Heather Prince is the passionate painter behind Prince Design. We grew up childhood besties who lived in the same neighborhood. Our childhood consisted of sleepovers and make believe. We played American Idol before there ever was an American Idol. Whitney Houston and Reba were our jams! We kept up through college and into the twenty-something years but became even closer when we both wanted to turn our passion projects into something more. Now, not a week goes by that we don’t call each other to check in or send a text asking for feedback and advice. We know when to take our business hats off and put our mom hats on. We’ve been in these trenches together since we both started and I can’t imagine what this business would be like if it weren’t for her!

Meredith Vick is the dedicated designer behind SoCharm Designs. We go to the same church and have been in the same women’s Bible study for years. She’s a fellow jewelry designer and a few years back she taught me one very hard to swallow, but oh-so-important business lesson. We’ve never viewed each other as competitors but we do have a very similar customer base and for that reason, I’ve always tip-toed around her because to me, our friendship was always more important than my business and I never wanted to jeopardize that. A couple of months ago Meredith reached out about getting together for coffee. Nearly two hours later we wrapped up our first meeting of the minds and scheduled to do it again. Infact, this past Saturday we met for nearly 2.5 hours! These two coffee dates have been such a precious time of fellowship, encouragement and honesty. We’ve been real with one another about the ebbs and flows of our businesses and we’ve set mini-goals to hold each other accountable! As Meredith said on Saturday, “We should have started doing this a long time ago!” I couldn’t agree more, my friend!

Whether you’re a business owner, a blogger or a dreamer, do yourself a favor and surround yourself with those that want to get in the trenches with you! Find those that you can bounce ideas off of, seek advice from, lift up and encourage and do this life with. I promise, you’ll be blessed!



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