Join Me: No Woman, No Girl Initiative

Imagine a morning routine without everyday essentials like...

Deodorant :: Shampoo 🧴 :: Tampons :: Toothpaste :: Bar Soap 🧼

The next time you pop into a grocery store, take a stroll down the hygiene isle. More than likely, you won't see a WIC approved sticker on any of the every day essentials, leaving those in need without access to products most of us hoard in our bathroom cabinets and linen closets.Β Β 

This is where the Triangle based non-profit, No Woman, No Girl Initiative bridges the gap. And all month long, I'm partnering with NWNG Executive Director, Shirnetta Harrell, in raising awareness + funds to support their mission: to provide hope, essentials and education to women and girls in the Triangle area, regardless of the circumstances of life.Β 

So what does this mean?

Through donations (tangible & monetary), No Woman, No Girl is able to cultivate everyday essential bags in 14, 30 & 90 supplies, based on the individual needs of those who reach out through community & agency partners. Β 

Imagine a teenage girl who's just started her period and has no way of obtaining the feminine hygiene products she needs due to temporary housing and financial challenges.Β 

Or a single mom who has lined up a job interview but worries about her appearance because things like a bar of soap, shampoo, a toothbrush and deodorant aren't part of the WIC program she shops with her meager budget.Β 

How can we help?

1) Follow & Share -Β If you're on social platforms like Instagram & Facebook, be sure to follow NWNG to stay aware of news & needs.
2)Β Give to their Bringing H.O.P.E comprehensive campaign.

If you have the means, consider giving to the Bringing H.O.P.E Comprehensive Campaign to help support and further the mission of NWNG.Β Β 

3)Β Shop the NWNG Amazon Charity List -Β Easy button your donation by shopping needed items from NWNG's Amazon Charity Wish List and have it shipped directly to their distribution Center.Β 

Local to Raleigh? Shop and drop your donations at their Departure Drive drop box.

4)Β Support & Sport - NWNG Awareness Bracelets - a Painted Pearl Collaboration! For the month of February, you can support and sport the NWNG mission and vision and I'll donate 50% of each bracelet sale to the NWNG Comprehensive Campaign. Shop our Bracelet Awareness Collaboration Here!

Join me in supporting this power-house non-profit who's making a difference in the life of women and girls in an impactful, meaningful and practical way!Β 

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