Now, more than ever...

Can I be vulnerable for a minute?

The Painted Pearl has always been my side hustle! A legit small business that is really and truly my passion project. We've never used the income I make through this business to supplement our family expenses. Until now.

You see, I work outside of the home part-time but right now, I'm called to be at home with my children wearing all the hats - stay at home mom, school teacher, lunch lady and daycare director, to name a few.

And I'm a-okay with that. But it also means that while I'm home with the kids, I'm not at work and as a part-time employee, if I don't work, I don't get paid.

So now, more than ever, your support of my sweet small business means more than ever. Any time an order comes through, I always throw up a "Hallelujah, Thank You Jesus." But these days, when I get that notification that a purchase was made, I pause and offer up the most sincere and heartfelt prayer of thanks for you!


My Spring Earring Line will launch one week from today - Friday, April 10th! Save this date and stay tuned this next week for all the sneak peeks!

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