The Best Thing I Did For My Business in 2022...

After wrapping up my second year of doing The Painted Pearl full-time, I've learned a few things. And if 2022 taught me anything, it's that I missed being around people. I'm not meant to work from home, for myself all week.Β 

I found myself being less productive, not efficient with my time, lonely, and grumpy! Yes, grumpy! When the boys got home from school and Phillip got home from work they were invading my space when it was their house too!Β 

And after attending an amazing leadership conference in May 2022, I realized the introvert in me liked being at home, but the extrovert in me was really missing community and that energy I get from being around other people.Β 

So I got myself a seasonal part-time job in October (at the start ofΒ myΒ π’ƒπ’–π’”π’Šπ’†π’”π’• time of year.) And it made ALL the difference in the world. I worked two days a week at a beautiful gift shop and cafe in North Raleigh that was my very first retail partnerΒ in 2014! It gave me the structure my week was lacking and before I knew it, I was maximizing every hour during the work week between working there two days a week and working on The Painted Pearl the other three days a week.Β 

In addition to that, I learned a lot about retail, which is important from the maker/creator side of a business. I learned how to talk to customers, offer suggestions, up-selling in a soft and gentle way and above all else, the importance of good customer service!Β I took all of these skills with me on the road during the holiday seasonΒ in hopes of being a better business woman while standing behind my brand at markets and shows.

This little gig turned out to be the best thing not only for my business, but also my personal life by fulfilling that need to be around other people and giving me an energy I didn't know I was lacking!Β 

I'm so happy that asked me to stay on in this new year and there's no telling how this new-found rhythm is going to help me succeed in 2023.Β 

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  • Ann Ake on

    Love this Courtney! One of the things I’ve learned about myself this past few years is that I also need to be around people more. My goal is to put myself out there more and see people I love.

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