5 Fascinating Facts about the American Flag 🇺🇸

Happy Independence Day my fellow Americans! 🇺🇸

Whether you're celebrating with poolside popsicles, backyard barbecues or watching Joey Chestnut stuff his face with hotdogs 🌭, today is the day we celebrate our American independence. 

One of the July 2022 watercolor calendar designs is our tried and true red, white and blue! So today, I'm sharing 5 fun facts about these Stars & Stripes! 

Did you know...

1) There have been 27 versions of the American flag since the original design in 1777! The current design, as we know it, has been the longest standing design for 60+ years. 

2) The red, white and blue colors were not chose at random. Each color has a meaning. Red symbolizes hardiness and valor, white symbolizes purity and innocence with the blue representing vigilance, perseverance & justice. 

3) Six American flags have made it to the moon, starting with Neil Armstrong, followed by 5 additional Apollo missions. 

4) While it's Federal Law to only fly the flag from sunrise to sunset, it can be flown around the clock as long as you have a way to illuminate the flag throughout the night. 

5) Myth Buster: you do not have to burn the flag if it touches the ground! If your flag is soiled or touches the ground, simply wash or dry clean it and let it continue to fly high! 

Happy 4th of July, friends! 

{American flag facts courtesy of the National Flag Foundation.} 



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  • Cindy Mulcahey on

    I will always be proud of our American flag and what it represents Independence and Freedom!!

  • julio cesar valencia on

    If you ask GOD his address… will be UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

  • P Hedges on

    What is the best source for purchase of an American Flag or a German flag?
    I reside in an apt, so wish my flag(s) to be smaller (to hang on the wall).
    Please advise when you can.

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