An honest review on SUMMERSALT swimwear...

Let's be honest - swimsuit shopping is as dreadful as jean shopping. At least for me! I'm a 40 year old with a total mom bod and the inexpensive swim suits from the big box stores just don't come with enough coverage or compression. Am I right?!?

Summer 2020 I needed some new suits but I didn't want to spend a fortune. So I purchased three suits from the J. Crew summer sale and only one lasted through the summer. One!! Even "on sale" the prices weren't cheap. To say I was disappointed in the quality of the fabric, lack of compression and one-season wear was the understatement of the season. 

So here I was, Summer 2021 needing new suits yet again

I'd seen several women at our pool sporting the signature SUMMERSALT color-block swim suits but as an order-only $100+ swimsuit, I wondered if they were really worth the splurge. 

I happened to see a fellow pool member out and about and did that totally awkward thing of "Hey, you don't know me but we go to the same pool! You wear the SUMMERSALT suits, right?!? Are they worth it?"

I'm glad I asked because she gave really good feedback and helpful tips for ordering. I promptly went home and ordered three (totally excessive but I couldn't make a decision so more was more in my case.)

Tip #1 - Stick with their signature color block or solid swimsuits. Last year they collaborated with Rifle Paper Company for exclusive floral prints and per the fellow pool mom, her review was that the Rifle Paper Co. material was not the same as their solids and block prints and didn't compare to the quality of the solids. 

Tip #2 - There is no padding in the chest area. I repeat, zero padding for the girls! While there's plenty of compression to hold them up, you only have a double layer of material to conceal the girls. Expect visible nipple outlines or have a tailor sew in padded cups for extra coverage. 

Tip #3 - The Perfect Wrap One-Piece is a little low cut and while I like the v-neck, I feel like I'm constantly checking to make sure I'm not exposed! Pro - the wrap is an extra layer of fabric so if it comes untied, you're not going to flash anyone as you're still completely covered! Plus, website reviews also say it's a nursing-friendly bathing suit while still feeling sexy, if you're still in the baby phase. 

Tip #4 - They provide excellent sizing guidelines, as pictured below. If you follow their guideline and order the size that best represents your measurements as a whole, then the suit should fit you true to size. 

Bonus: They use everyday women, with real curves to model their swimwear! 👏🏻 I'm 100% more likely to buy something if I can see it on someone who isn't a single-digit size. Bravo to Summersalt and their Summer of Self-Love campaign that celebrates that every body is a Summersalt body + being inclusive of ALL women! 

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