5 words that lit a fire in me last year...

Late last year during a monthly training...

I was sitting at the end of my dining room table, thankful I had remembered to log on to a monthly live Q&A call with a group of fellow, like-minded female makers. I don't know 98% of the women on this call and the introvert in me wanted to stay quiet and let others do the asking. But before I knew it, I was jumping in, hand held high (aka taking myself off of mute) and while I don't even remotely remember the question I asked, her response will forever stay with me. 

"I'm sensing serious CEO vibes!"

If you know anything about my past career path, then you know I much prefer that "behind-the-scenes" role. Putting myself, my face and my voice out there as the brand of my own business is not something that comes naturally. But over time, I've gotten more comfortable with it and turns out, there was a CEO voice inside of this back-office girl all along. 

Her response forever changed how I think about myself, my specific role and my overall presence as the head of this sweet business. Not in a way of arrogance but in a way of empowerment and confidence! 

I'm not gonna lie... It was way easier for me to hear those words at the end of a really successful year and one full of major growth. Now that I'm looking at a full year ahead and pondering where I want to grow from here, that inner CEO is little intimidated about this blank slate but I will not step down!

I might not be ready for the major leagues but I've definitely leveled up from the minor ones and I'm here to play big... even if I'm still trying to figure out what that looks like for 2021! 

In short, thank you for being on team Painted Pearl! We are growing this business together! It literally takes a village and I am so very thankful for every cheerleader, benchwarmer and coach that has come along side me for every win and even some losses! 

Here's to doing BIG things in 2021!

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