Kimberly's Hydrangea Hack

There's nothing better than fresh cut flowers to brighten my day! The whole reason I have hydrangeas planted is so I can enjoy their blooms both in and outside of my home all summer long.Β 

A few weeks ago I learned an easy and helpful hydrangea hack from my friend, Kimberly! My mind was blown when she showed us a simple way to resurrect wilted, week-old hydrangea blooms to give them new life for another week of beauty! With her gracious permission, I'm sharing it with you here!Β 

Supplies you'll need: scissors + a bowl or sink full of cold water

Step 1: Remove any leaves left on the stems. They soak up much needed nutrientsΒ  the blooms need so gently remove and discard any leftover leaves.

Step 2: Give your stem a fresh cut at an angle above the next knob on the stem. If there is no knob, any fresh cut at an angle will work. The angle increases the surface area on the stem allowing more water to be absorbed.

Step 3: Prepare a large bowl, or a clean sink, full of cold water. Warm or hot water will turn your blooms brown so cold water is best! Submerge your blooms under the water. They will float back up but give them a good swirl around the water and make sure the stems are in the water.Β 


Leave the blooms in the water for 8+ hours or overnight. In the morning, the blooms will be back to their full, beautiful selves and ready for another week in a vase.Β 


Be sure to check out Kimberly's Instagram account for her saved highlight on her very own Hydrangea Hack and give it a try!Β 

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