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My mom fail of the week...

It was a good idea in theory...

I've been hesitant to send Davis to camps this summer because, #Covid, but since our travels are done for a few weeks, I enrolled him in his favorite sports camp this week for two reasons...

1) My boys needed some serious separation! We've all had way too much together time, and they needed a break from each other to remember that they actually, hopefully, love each other. 

2) I thought that being down one kid at home would actually allow me to get more work done. And that's where I thought wrong...

This whole camp thing backfired on me in that I have now become Anderson's one and only playmate! Which means I'm getting absolutely nothing done!

When I do find a few minutes to myself, I'm trying my best to wrap up the 2021 watercolor calendar paintings! I think I'm only 6 or 7 paintings away from completing the set of 24. {If you're new to my annual watercolor calendar, it's double-sided so you can choose which artistic design you want to view... because I'm extra like that! And people like choices!}

Coming off of my small business retreat last weekend with Heather, I'm all kinds of fired up, in a good way, with ideas for the next few months! And with the official cancellation of my biggest show/event, A Shopping Spree, I'm going to have to get creative with ways to make up that revenue this Fall! But with all the ideas floating around in my head, I have no doubt this will be my best fourth quarter yet and I can't wait to take you all along for the ride.

In closing, if you haven't yet signed up for August's virtual craft of making your own, personalized/custom Heishi bracelet, a few seats remain for my 8/27 virtual class! Navy and Shades of Blue are nearly sold out with Blue Rainbow not far behind! Register today via the button below!

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