Quarantine birthday parties don't have to suck...

Let's talk about quarantine birthdays...
They can stink! I mean, WE MISS OUR FRIENDS!!

But hear me out! I've got a way for you to still party with your posse!!

My virtual craft classes have carried me through some tough months of retail during Covid. I love them and y'all love them! But did you know... YOU can host your own virtual birthday bash for yourself, or even for your kids, with my private party virtual craft classes?!

This morning, I'm shipping out 5 bracelet making kits for a sweet girl's 11th birthday! Kids miss their friends too, but Mary found a way to still get together, albeit virtually, with four of her friends who are all going to make personalized Heishi bracelets! How CUTE is she?!? PLUS - I always include a little something extra for the birthday girl so they feel extra special!

So who's ready to plan a party?!? Hit me with a DM or email me at shopthepaintedpearl@gmail.com to talk details!


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