National Dog Day with Nellie!

Coincidence that National Dog Day falls during the dog days of summer?!? I think not! But let's be honest, everyday is dog day in our house! Oh what would we do without our Nellie Doodle! ⠀

For those knew around here, this is Nellie, our almost 2-year-old, 75-lb. Saint Berdoodle. {Saint Bernard + Poodle.} If you know our family well, you know that getting a family dog took years of convincing my husband, Phillip, to consider a dog. He was having none of it until my friend, Katelyn, introduced him to this very particular breed, the Saint Berdoodle. He was smitten and before he realized what he had done, he had submitted an application with a breeder in South Carolina for dibs on their next litter. 

Baby Nellie...

Technically speaking, she supposed to be a miniature version of the breed, not to tip the scales at 50lbs but we see how that turned out! With a 105 lb. Saint Bernard mom and a 12 pound Miniature Poodle dad, her projected weight was a total crap shoot. {Pictured below are Nellie's mom and dad.}


Her disposition couldn't be more perfect for our rowdy boys. She takes a lot of tough love from the four-year-old and she lets me smother her with hugs and kisses a million times a day! She's practically my personal therapy dog during these quarantimes of Covid!

She takes after her Saint Bernard mom with her laid back demeanor and texture of hair. Where she lacks in the typical kinky poodle curls, she makes up for in big wavy curls and when she's not sporting her summer cut, her over-bearing size is half hair! 

If she was a cat who had 9 lives, she's already used up 3! She keeps us on her toes and her pet insurance is money well spent after last summers snake/spider bite ordeal and this Spring's raisin ingestion, to name a few. 

She's a grazer, never inhaling her food whole, and enjoys a late night snack from her bowls before she puts herself to bed. And lately, she's made it a habit to get out of bed in the wee hours of the morning to rummage the kitchen trash can for any scraps the boys threw away. And believe me, she gets plenty of extra hand outs from the boys at meal time. So your girl isn't lacking in calories!!

We pinch ourselves in that we hit the jackpot with our Nellie doodle and honestly couldn't imagine life without her!  

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