September + (in)Sanity

I nearly missed it...

Popping into your inbox, that is! Ever have one of those weeks where you're a solid day behind everyone else and you don't know which end is up?

On Monday, I walked around my house pinging my phone from my Apple watch, (which is the best and most used feature on my watch) only to find it under my arm! Somewhere between rushing out the door to the pool + Phillip's birthday, I stashed it under my arm pit then continued to walk around with that darn ping following me because my phone was RIGHT THERE the whole time!

This week I've also gone in search of my keys, digging through my purse and scouring counter tops only to find them on my wrist... on the bangle that I keep them on so I can be hands free. I can't with myself, you guys!!

This week has straight up been a page from 2020 but in all this craziness, I'm here to tell us all, including myself, that we got this!! 

If you're in the throws of helping your child with virtual learning, you earning a solid A+!
If you're counting down the days to pre-school {because I sure am}, we're almost there!
If you're working from home with a house full of family, you're doing great!!
If you're in the office watching that clock go from 9 to 5, you've almost made it to Friday!
If you're surrounded by that mess of toys you just put away - I'm with you! 
And if you're walking around the house picking up random articles of clothing left by a 4-year old who's a nudists at heart, SAME!!! {I know I'm not alone in that one!}

In short, if you're on that 2020 struggle bus this week, let your girl know! I'll come around and pick you up because I'm straight up driving it these days! 

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