We win some. We lose some.

Remember when...

A few weeks back, I announced  on social media that that my beloved City of Oaks Pearl Earrings had made it to the next round of judging for the Made In N.C. awards, by Our State Magazine.

Sadly that was the end of the road for these precious earrings BUT THAT'S OK!! I went in to this next round of waiting knowing they might not be chosen because let's be honest, North Carolina has some incredible artisans!

It was an honor just to make it to the next round and have my product in the hands of some incredible, and well-known, judges from around the state. 

I share this with you because in business, and in life, we win some and we lose some. And there is a purpose and a reason for either outcome whatever it may be! 

So chin up, buttercups! 

Let's focus on the WINS...

Earlier this week I was on a call with my fellow Locality members about hitting the reset button when we feel stuck + ending the year strong.

Emily, or fearless leader, started off the call by having us write down 10 wins we've had since the start of Covid. 10 wins?!? It sounded daunting but when I started to write, I couldn't stop! 

So I'm sharing some with you because without you, none of these would have been possible!

  • I transitioned to and have sustained The Painted Pearl full-time!
  • I made my first hire with my intern, Ava!
  • I added 3 new retail partners: The Flourish Market, Mona's on Main & Table Co. 
  • I showed up in your inbox every Thursday since April 8th! 
  • I pivoted to provide virtual craft classes which have helped carry my business through these quarantimes!

I could go on but in a nutshell, even with the disappointment of not making it as a true finalist for the Made in NC awards, I am still so grateful for this sweet business of mine, the success it has had during a global pandemic and most off all, you! Customers that I've grown to call friends! 

xoxo ~ Courtney

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