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If you're wondering "What's with all the beauty posts?" you aren't alone! And no, I'm not moving away from jewelry and art - not in the least. But I am passionate about sharing things I know, love and use with my village!

Here are the highlights of this Beautycounter post so scroll accordingly...

1) My experience.

2) My why.

3) My recommendations.

4) Benefits of Band of Beaty.

5) How to shop and how I can help.

1) My experience - I've used Beautycounter as my primary cosmetic brand for 5+ years. I started small, with the Flawless In 5, and over the years I've slowly added in the skincare lines to my daily routines. I personally love their annual holiday sets.Β It's a way to try several products packaged togetherΒ at a great price.

2) My why - Why Beautycounter and why now?Β Do I live a wholly organic life? No! Is my house and diet completely chemical free? Also, no. But my basic, everyday beauty routine is just one small step I can take to make a change. I'm not getting any younger and I treat my aging process as a badge of honor. I want to age gracefully and naturally, not with needling.Β 

3) My recommendations - You can start small or go all-in! But if you're wondering where to start, I've curated three unique "carts" to get you started. You can add and remove from the cart all you want to truly make it your own!

a) New To Better Beauty - Make-up Essentials
This curated cart lets you try four make-up essentials for under $100 and the perfect way to start swapping out some of your daily go-to's for a safer option.Β 

b) Stepping Up My {Safer} Skincare Game
This curated cart includes two items that let you sample 7 best of the best Beautycounter products and some of my personal skincare favorites!Β 

c) Hands Down, The Best Around - Soft, Safe & Sanitized Hands
This curated cart includes three winter essentials to keep your hands sanitized and soft with safe ingredients.

4.Β Benefits of Band of Beauty - Becoming a Band of Beauty member as a customer unlocks savings opportunities you don't want to miss...

5) How to Shop and how I can help: I'm simply here to answer any questions and make recommendations! You can shop my Beautycounter page here and always look to see if I have a Pop-Up going, like the Holiday Pop-Up currently open!Β 

You'll see me sprinkle in Beautycounter among my normal content because I'm that passionate about their mission of getting cleaner, safer, no-secrets-added ingredients in to the hands of those who want to put their best face forward!Β 


Want to know more, talk directly or request some free skincare samples? Email me at shopthepaintedpearl@gmail.com!


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