If these walls could talk...

If these walls could talk...

They'd most definitely tell you a different story than what you might think looking at these polished, professional photos. Of course I want to put my best foot, and face, forward when popping in to your inbox each week but in my effort to always keep it real, please know that I'm just your typical work-fromt-home Covid mom, running a business surrounded by single Cheerios that manage to creep into every corner of the house, stepping around matchbox cars and legos like the floor around them is lava and most days, I question if I remembered to brush my teeth or put on deodorant. My life feels like one giant run on sentence like that one I just wrote because the struggle is so very real!

I'm touring a pre-school later today for Anderson and I wouldn't be surprised if this mama runs to the door, checkbook in hand, ready to sign on the dotted line because these kids need friends other than me and I can't put a price on my sanity! Case in point - this is my view all day, everyday! Apparently being 4 is also a very difficult job!

I can't believe July is coming to an end and in my own little way, I've enjoyed this month! If you've been around for a little while, you'll remember at the beginning of the month I set zero sales goals for myself which sounds a little crazy! After a busy and successful start to Summer, I needed a bit of a breather from pushing products and you all likely needed a break from it to! But you still showed up!! From taking my Fall design survey and signing up for the Snail Mail Send-Off to every single purchase made this month, you've exceeded my hopes and dreams of growing this business little by little! And for that, I am grateful!

So what's on tap for August?!?

More like what's not on tap for August! Finalizing my Fall designs, a small business retreat {and a weekend away from my Frye guys}, a little professional development via a watercolor class, offering two new virtual craft nights, and putting the finishing touches on a new product collection based on your survey results... to name a few! So here we go, heading into August with guns blazing!

P.S. For a third week in a row, the Heishi Mantra bracelets remain my No. 1 best seller! From customizing them with your children's names, your own words and catch phrases, to stocking two retail partners with 64 bracelets, I counted up a grand total of 113 bracelet's made this month alone! #mindblown!

Want to design your own custom stack? Join my August Virtual Craft class on 8/27 at 8 PM as we craft together via Zoom.  

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