Survey Says: You're votes are in...

Your votes are in...

I'm currently writing to you from my dining room table/work space while our new roof is being installed overhead! {we had a leak + it was super old.} These are the types of home improvements that while necessary, aren't that glamorous. I'd much rather be sinking this small fortune into my new car fund or hard wood floors. But the roof won out! 

Nellie girl is going nuts but don't worry, we have an escape plan to my friend Beverly's house if needed! And during the brief moments when the scraping and hammering stops, we're serenaded by their radio playing mariachi-inspired music! 

Two weeks ago I popped in to your inbox asking for your opinion on what you wanted to see in my Fall accessories lineup. I had 93 responses and your input was/is so valuable as I work to design my Fall line! 

Majority ruled with more simple, neutral pieces that tend to go with everything for both earrings and necklaces. And I hear you on that!! With Corona, more of us are working from home, we aren't traveling to conferences, dinners out are rare, and our vacations are mostly domestic so the need for bigger, bolder statement pieces aren't as ideal right now! But don't worry, I'll still offer a little bit of everything!  

Practically a 3-way tie between the types of earrings with studs winning out but just a smidge. 

When it came to bracelets, 63% of you said yes, you wanted to see more with 44% of you looking for stretchy, neutral bracelets that you can mix and match! I've already designed one set that I'm simply in love with!  

When it came to suggested trends hitting the runways, I asked you to check all the boxes that apply! Fifty-nine percent of you said you were into seeing more dramatic pearl pieces, 53% of you are into the 80's gold-inspired hoops and studs, 49% of you are loving the big button studs and 36% of you say you want to see more layered necklaces. 

For the categories not in the majority, I still hear you and I'll make sure to offer something for everyone. 

But you want to know the best part of the survey?!?

Reading all of the additional comments you left! From your encouraging words and positive feedback to the honest opinions of what you need in your accessory wardrobe! I still wake up and pinch myself most days that I get to do this full-time. Truly, a dream visualized that has now come true! All thanks to YOU! 

Here are some of my favorite quotes from your feedback that I just have to share...

I love the star collections that have been coming out! ~ Madison

I love pieces that I don’t have to put thought into, can leave on & they go with everything. ~ Kelly

More Designs by Davis (of course). ~ Stephanie & Alicia

I am constantly receiving compliments on the pieces that I have of the Painted Pearl!! :) ~ Jenn

I think its a good idea to keep in mind that we are not going out these days, so everyday pieces are going to be chosen, and worn, more often than statement, dressier options. But I love everything you make! ~ Kate

Classic pieces ROCK!!! ~ Stella

I love long necklaces in all the colors, similar to what Davis made. I also love little trinket dishes. You are doing great, keep it up! ~ Katie

Haven't worn much jewelry lately because of being at home all day, but looking forward to your new offerings this fall. I would like to see more colors of the tassel earrings - those are super comfortable and a great statement piece. ~ Lisa

Thank you to all who took the time to fill out my survey! I'm eternally grateful and can't wait to bring your ideas to fruition in the weeks ahead!

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