Tales of the Failed French Tuck

I can't do it. Trust me, I've tried. Every time I attempt that trendy French tuck/half tuck/front tuck that all the cool kids are doing, I imagine I look as ridiculous as I feel and I chalk it up to another French tuck fail. Welcome to my soap box...

If you're wondering what I'm talking about, reference the above model perfectly flaunting her French tuck.

The other week I popped into my favorite Raleigh clothing boutique, The Flourish Market, and chatted with Megan who works in the shop. She's young and hip and so on trend so I valued her input on the subject. And she's right in that the French tuck is all about having the right pants/shorts/skirt. And unfortunately my mom-jeans are not the ones to try with this trend. 

I know the whole idea of this trendy tuck is to accentuate and draw attention to the waist but when you've had two kids and a metabolism slower than molasses, the last place I want to draw attention to is the spare tire around my waist! Can I get an Amen?!?

So what's a girl to do?!? The next best thing - find an alternative! 

These two alternatives are from The Flourish Market and what I like best about them is that they aren't your typical hemline. Instead, they're doing all the French tuck work for you just by simply raising them hemline without showing your waist line, if you get my drift. And speaking of drifts, don't even get me started on those midriff tops!

Bethany Top - The Flourish Market

McKenna Top - The Flourish Market

So if you're out there trying just as hard to nail the French tuck look, switch it up and look for these alternative hemlines wherever you like to shop! 

** This post does not contain any affiliate links. These are my own personal opinions of products I've bought and loved. **



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